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Making an Offer

Making an offer your seller won’t want to refuse! You found the house of your dreams! Now what? The next step is to develop a solid offer with your Realtor to be presented to the Seller. While price is important, there are some other factors to consider when making an offer. Settlement date Naturally you […]

Solar Homes

Solar Homes – Costs, Savings and TrendsNew Solar Study A new study shows that buyers are willing to pay extra for solar homes. The study included more than 22,000 homes across the US. The average increase buyers were will to pay was $15,000 for a 3.75 kW PV system. This data is useful for buyers, […]

First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers Outlook Improving  More home buying opportunities are opening up for first time buyers! One of the well-known mortgage programs that attracts first time buyers is FHA. FHA has announced they will be lowering their premiums. Premiums are the cost of mortgage insurance for buyers with typically less than 20% down-payment.With an FHA-backed […]

Touring homes

Touring homes Touring homes for sale is an exciting time!  This is one step closer to your new home.  Follow these tips to make the most of your touring homes time. 1. Scheduling tours Touring of homes should be limited to no more than six homes in two hours, unless you are coming into town […]

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Settlement and Beyond Use this quick reference checklist to be sure you are maintaining your investment. If you are considering selling your home now, or in the future, these tips many also come in handy. See more articles for sellers on this blog. Pests Keep up with the pest warranty from the termite […]